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Sometimes no matter how regularly you visit us or how well you care for your teeth, in between times, you may have a dental emergency. We will try to see you as soon as we can, particularly if you are in pain. If the Surgery is closed or you are unable to get to us straightaway, here are a few tips regarding some of the more common dental emergencies and what you can do to help yourself in the meantime:

Toothache/Sensitive Tooth

There can be many different causes of toothache, but generally the most acute kind is as a result of an infection which in turn can generally be resolved by endodontic (root) treatment. However, it is important to come and see us as soon as you feel any discomfort as toothache of this kind can be very debilitating, particularly if it develops into a full-blown abscess. Manage the pain with over-the-counter pain relief medication both prior to seeing us and after as advised by the Dentist.

Sensitivity may be as a result of an exposed root, a leaking or defective filling, decay, a bite-related problem or a dying nerve.

Broken Tooth

Teeth with large fillings can easily break or fracture and, if not treated, a broken tooth can cause more serious problems. It can also cause pain and discomfort by catching on your tongue or the inside of your mouth. If this is the case a small piece of gum or cotton wool over the tooth will help until you get to see us.

Lost Filling

As with a broken tooth

Tooth knocked out

Place the tooth in milk. Do not try to scrub or wash the tooth. Get both the patient and the tooth to us as soon as possible. The faster the tooth can be repositioned, the greater the likelihood that the tooth can be saved.

Permanent or temporary crown or bridge falls out

Ideally come and see us as soon as possible to have the crown recemented, but if this is not possible you can use a denture adhesive which you can buy across the counter without prescription. Place a small amount in the crown and reposition it. Do not try to force it back into place, it should re-seat without difficulty. If you cannot replace it yourself, bring it along with you for your appointment with us. Please bear in mind that it might be the case that the reason the crown fell out might also make it impossible for us to recement it back into place. We will discuss this possibility with you at your appointment.

Broken denture

Bring the denture into us for repair. Do not try to glue the denture back together yourself and do not contemplate using “superglue” type products!!

Orthodontic problems

Try to get to your orthodontist as soon as possible. If a sharp wire is exposed cover this with a small piece of gum or cotton wool to prevent the sharp end catching your tongue or the side of your mouth etc..

Swollen gums

These are a sign of infection and may be as a result of either a tooth or a gum problem. They might also be accompanied by pain. Try to see us as soon as possible, but in the meantime rinse your mouth with warm salt water and take pain relief medication if appropriate.

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